Live to work? Or work to live? At NGE, we think that’s a false choice. All aspects of your life—job, family, community, recreation—can and should give you joy and satisfaction. But sometimes the daily transitions between work and the rest of your life can make it hard to maintain the right balance. We try to help you make those transitions a little easier.

Your Time at Work

There are times when everyone in a law firm has to pull extra hours for the good of a client, but our expectation is that the work week is 35 hours. And we don’t require all of those hours to be worked in the office—come in 40% of the time each month and work remotely the rest of the time if you choose. When you’re in the office, the rule is “Dress for Your Day.” Business attire when necessary, more casual otherwise.

Your Time Off

We maintain a generous Paid Time Off policy in addition to 10 paid firm holidays each year.  In the event of the loss of someone dear, we offer generous bereavement leave as you take time to grieve, manage the affairs of the departed loved one and attend funeral or memorial services.